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Leader Growth

One of the critical elements of successful leadership is self-awareness & EI; a continued practice of reflection and introspection that helps to guide behaviour...

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We enable personal and organisational growth through customised coaching and learning solutions.


Courageous Conversations & Creating Trust

Courageous conversations potentially transform working relations. They are central to building high trust, authentic collaborative, non-bullying relationships through integrity.

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Workplace Culture

Creating respectful workplace culture requires as much attention and discipline as growing values that shape inclusive change. It seems obvious that having happy, engaged employees...
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Leader Derailment

What happens when a successful leader begins to have previously unseen performance issues? What causes the change and how... 

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Diversity, Equity &

Team Learning & Development

One of the priorities for many organisations today is to ensure workplace culture embraces diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) with some also including belonging and accessibility (DEIB+A).

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Organisations are dependent on effective teams. Team learning
goes below the surface of visible practice to build resilience and collective expertise in teams. It
protects against groupthink where …

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