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Civility in the Workplace:  Cultivating Respectful Workplace Culture
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This course is a must for any workplace intent on developing and maintaining a healthy, inclusive workplace culture where leaders and employees thrive in an environment that allows them to bring their best every day. Open, authentic and trusting relationships are the foundation for creating the conditions where psychological safety allows for engagement, innovation and creativity.

The methods of communication and leadership we have traditionally used in our organisations are not serving us well in the face of modern challenges. This hands-on, highly interactive workshop allows individuals to explore how defensive strategies are holding back their effectiveness as leaders.

This course introduces key elements such as understanding of self and impacts on others, emotional intelligence and productive communication strategies. Participants practice and develop skills to facilitate an inclusive, collaborative approach that leads to building high trust with others.

What our participants have to say

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"a completely new experience" 

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"tools I can use myself and across the organisation"

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"spot on with content"

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"very in-depth and valuable"

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"fresh knowledge in the way to commence, develop and continue a conversation"

Custom Short Courses

We can provide custom designed courses to meet your individual or organisational needs. Some of our core offerings include:

  • Developing leaders as coaches/mentors of staff

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Leader effectiveness

  • Identifying what high integrity leadership involves

  • Creating a bullying-free culture

  • Performance appraisal which balances accountability and development

  • Creating sustainable change

  • Recognising and addressing dark and defensive leadership

  • Productive strategies for self preservation, self care and self change

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