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Dr Eileen Piggot-Irvine has recently returned to New Zealand from a 5-year role as Professor of Leadership at Royal Roads University (RRU) and is also now an Adjunct Professor at RRU as well as at Griffith University (Brisbane). She has also been a national director of leadership and research centres in New Zealand. Eileen has worked extensively in a mentoring, leadership coaching, or project leader role with hundreds of senior leaders in public and private sector organisations both nationally and internationally (South Africa, Pacific Islands, Vanuatu, Australia, UK, Canada). The feedback from this work is excellent.

Eileen has published six books, multiple book chapters, 70 refereed journal articles and has presented at conferences too numerous to count, including 25 keynotes. In the last 10 years she has directed 11 research/evaluation contracts (several at a national level) and won a national Canadian grant to lead a team of seven international researchers investigating the impact of action research.

Contact Eileen for:
  • Leadership coaching, mentoring

  • Overcoming leader bullying and conflict resolution

  • Performance review

  • Action research for change management

For more detail on Eileen you can also link to her website

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