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5 Steps to Enhancing Your Workspace Wellbeing

Whether you are working from home or go into the office, the basic principles for a productive and creative workspace are the same. Add in the extra challenges lockdown can bring, and work can leave you feeling irritable, grumpy, drained, unable to concentrate and unproductive. Not the ideal way to look after your physical and mental wellbeing, let alone the business.

Utilising the principles of the ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui, here are five simple tips for creating an enhanced workspace and harmonious environment for all.

1. Feel supported

Do you find you are calmer and more productive when you are feeling supported? When you are not supported, you may find you are always around wondering what is going on behind you and you easily lose your focus.

Traditionally support would be created with a natural mountain protecting your back. Create this support in your workspace with a solid high-backed chair or wall behind you.

2. Powerful positioning

Think about your everyday life for a moment: In your home do you have a favourite chair you like to sit in? Next time you sit there, take a look around you – is your back supported? Do you have a nice clear view of who is coming into the room/space and what is going on? This is considered to be a powerful position and is also needed in your workspace.

When you feel empowered, you feel more at ease. When everyone feels more at ease, the environment is more harmonious and you often find your ability to handle stress is better, there is less personality clashes and absenteeism in the workplace can also drop.

Position yourself in your workspace with a clear view out in front. If this is not possible, place a reflective item i.e., a pencil cannister or photo frame, so you can see movement of someone coming behind you.

3. Cover glass tops

When you can see your feet under your desk or under a table, you are likely to be restless and feel like you constantly want to get up and are therefore less productive. Ground your workspace by having a solid surface or cover the glass.

4. Living energy

Plants represent growth and health of the business, with the added bonus of cleansing the air. One of the great, easy care air cleansers for around computers are peace lilies. They also bring an element of softness to what is usually a hard and stark environment and should be nurtured and cared for just like any business. You can also place 3 gold coins wrapped in red underneath the plant pot to represent the growth of wealth and blessings.

5. Clutter Clog

De-cluttering – that dreaded task! Clutter physically represents procrastination and blocks creativity. Decluttering allows the energy to move around your environment allowing you to gain not only enhanced business growth and prosperity, but a clearer mind as well.

File away projects you are not currently working on so you can have at least 50% of your workspace clear.

Take decluttering in 10-minute bursts – you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve!

At the end of the day – clear it away. If you don’t have a dedicated workspace and you need to share the functions of the space with others, make the separation of the different functions by clearing items away. This mentally also gives you clear separation between work and home activities, for better wellbeing.

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