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Leader Growth

One of the critical elements of successful leadership is self-awareness; a continued practice of reflection and introspection that helps to guide behaviour. Where a leader focuses that reflection can make a significant difference. For example, reflection on project or work outcomes is greatly enhanced when consideration is given to not only the role the leader played but their impact on others and how that can be enhanced. But where are the blind spots and how can leaders identify them?


Executive coaching provides a safe, confidential environment in which leaders can explore their leadership practice, identify hidden aspects that may be under-utilised, holding them back, or having detrimental impacts on others. 


Contact us to discuss how we can help with the continued growth and effectiveness of your leaders. 


Courageous Conversations & Creating Trust

Courageous conversations potentially transform working relations. They are central to building high trust, authentic collaborative, non-bullying relationships through integrity. This training involves learning to better recognise low integrity strategies by learning from research on low integrity, bullying, defensiveness, resistance, and how to overcome low integrity strategies. Sitting in parallel to this is understanding the legal implications of bullying. Opportunity is provided to analyse your own skill level in high trust, integrity and associated leadership practices, before focusing on implementing and practising new skills. As new practices become embedded in day-to-day interactions, greater clarity will emerge about creating organisational openness and authentic collaboration.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with how to have courageous conversation and create trust.


Workplace Culture

Creating respectful workplace culture requires as much attention and discipline as growing cultures that shape inclusive change. It seems obvious that having happy, engaged employees leads to better overall organisational results. But, how do organisations ensure their employees feel that sense of commitment and belonging?


Too often, efforts to understand the levels of engagement extend to an annual, or bi-annual, employee engagement survey that presents as a confidential avenue to tell leadership what it’s like to work there. The reality of such surveys is that often respondents feel reluctant to answer truthfully and opt, consciously or even unconsciously, to provide the ‘safe’ answers. If survey responses are less favourable, leaders then look for the action plan to address the gaps. But do such surveys really uncover the truth and lead to meaningful actions to make improvements? How are you missing out on what really impacts the engagement of your employees?


Contact us to discuss how to better understand the ways in which your workplace culture can be enhanced

Leader Growth
Workplace Culture

Leader Derailment Solutions

What happens when a successful leader begins to have previously unseen performance issues? What causes the change and how do you determine what the issues are?


One often missed area of investigation is the overuse of skills that may have helped the leader become successful in the first place. Perhaps the charismatic leader of a team who consistently delivers results is now the subject of concerns over aggressive risk-taking or questions about their trustworthiness? Or the innovative leader of prior projects now appears to lack focus, suggesting wildly impractical ideas?  But, how do you uncover what those behaviours are and, importantly, what can you do to help that leader understand and make lasting change?


We work with individual leaders on gaining insight in to what makes them successful and what is getting in the way of their continued growth. 


Contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation with leader growth and development.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

One of the priorities for many organisations today is to ensure workplace culture embraces diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) with some also including belonging and accessibility (DEIB+A). Often, this translates to goals and targets aimed at hiring employees from more diverse backgrounds or ensuring higher proportions of women in leadership positions. Such changes in practices are good steps forward but can fall short of true equity and of creating a culture where employees feel a sense of inclusion or belonging. 


Consideration must be given to practices throughout the organisation where competing goals may lead to counter-productive results. What practices might be holding you back from achieving your DEI goals? How can you see the systems at play within your organisational culture which can bring about the desired change?


Contact us to discuss ways we can help you build your path toward achieving your DEI goals 


Team Learning & Development

Organisations are dependent on effective teams. Team learning goes below the surface of visible practice to build
resilience, growth-oriented vulnerability and collective expertise in teams. It protects against groupthink where
even a well functioning team may become less receptive of their collective shadow practices and implicit
assumptions where they assume they do not need to learn from others outside of their team. This can particularly
take place in organisations where teams compete against each other and/or some teams have remained the same
for many years. We can work either with a whole team(s) or just with your team leaders as a first step. We view
team learning training as co-building with a team so they further enhance their capacity to collectively learn while
working. Once team learning sub-cultures are embedded then teams can continue to develop through changes of
foci and membership. With organisations needing to be adaptable and nimble, team learning then becomes a core
component of organisational and strategic development.

Contact us to discuss ways we can help you and your team with learning and development

Leader Derailment Solutions
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Courageous Conversations
Team Learning & Development
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